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Friday, September 29, 2006

[Portfolio of the Week] Yvan C. Goudard, Associate Creative Director - Now in Dubai

Yvan C. Goudard, who has finished a stint in Promoseven, Jeddah is now in Dubai. He writes in:

"I finished my contract with promoseven Jeddah as Associate CreativeDirector and have now relocated in Dubai where I am looking for a similar position. My profile and portfolio are online at the following URL:

Feel free to consult it extensively and please allow a couple ofminutes for the website to load as a few videos make it a bit long.

Agencies in Dubai who could use his talents, do contact him:

Email :
Mobile : 754 2690


Prometheus said...

Apologies for commenting out of context, but Prometheus wants to congratulate UAECreatives on being featured on Dot1.

And Prometheus also had this question to ask more knowledgeable people. If ad guys do original work, why are they called copy writers? Prometheus thinks its the same reason that people call what professionals do a practice.

UAECreatives said...

Thank you Prometheus!

:-D I've been asked by many people...why I am called a 'copy' writer...I read that decades back...the text that used to be typeset manually for printing was called 'copy'. Guys who write the text were hence called 'copywriters'. launched! launched! launched!

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