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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Last of the August ads

1) Sharjah Municipality 'Keep Sharjah Clean and Beautiful' campaign

KT, 31Aug06

Sharjah Municipality urges business to maintain safety standards as a part of its 'Keep Sharjah Clean and Beautiful' campaign.

2) Chevrolet - Popular American Gas Guzzlers

KT, 31Aug06

Keeping it real?

3) Dubai Road Transport Authority Numberplate sale

KT, 30Aug06

Roads & Transport Authority of the Government of Dubai hold a 'Distinguished Number Plates Auction'. 'Any bidder may buy as many number plates as he wishes'.

4) Dhs.100 Motorola Mobile

KT, 30Aug06

This is Dhs.100 mobile phone ad Woke had asked about in this post.

5) Toyota Land Cruiser - Dubai's symbol of prestige

KT, 30Aug06

Toyota Land Cruiser, Al Futttaim Motors...

6)H & M opens in Dubai - Is Madonna coming?

KT, 30Aug06

Is Madonna coming to Dubai? H&M - Hennes & Mauritz, fashion retailer open 17 stores across the Middle East. H&M’s Middle Eastern franchise is the international fashion chain’s first venture into franchising and is run by Saudi Arabian company M. H. Alshaya Co. - a retail franchise that already runs 28 other retail chains in the region, including the Body Shop and BHS. ...according to press releases.

7) Nyle Hair Oil - Innovative Packaging

KT-Weekend mag, 25Aug06

Hair oil?! You wince. I know...but this deserves a mention for its innovative packaging...a tube filled with herbs and immersed inside the bottle. This is bound to be a hit in Asian markets.

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