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Friday, September 29, 2006

[Portfolio of the Week] Yvan C. Goudard, Associate Creative Director - Now in Dubai

Yvan C. Goudard, who has finished a stint in Promoseven, Jeddah is now in Dubai. He writes in:

"I finished my contract with promoseven Jeddah as Associate CreativeDirector and have now relocated in Dubai where I am looking for a similar position. My profile and portfolio are online at the following URL:

Feel free to consult it extensively and please allow a couple ofminutes for the website to load as a few videos make it a bit long.

Agencies in Dubai who could use his talents, do contact him:

Email :
Mobile : 754 2690

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Snickers - 'Don't Stop' Print Campaign

Snickers Chocolate bars - the style of this campaign execution tells me it could be Saatchi & Saatchi, Dubai...informed readers, please do clarify. It'll be interesting to see how they develop this campaign theme further.

7Days, 21 Sep 06

7 Days, 19 Sep 06

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Freej - Emarat Al Youm (arabic version of Emirates Today)

The Arabic version of Emirates Today - Emarat Al Youm (24 Sep 06) was encased in a very colourful and glossy sleeve, advertising Freej.

"FREEJ; the Middle East's first 3D animated series is the brainchild of Mohammed Saeed Harib who also directs the fifteen standalone episodes of fifteen minutes each, launching this September on national television. FREEJ is the tale of four old national women living in a secluded neighborhood in modern day Dubai..."

Looks like it is being sponsored by DU, Etisalat's first competitor in the recently liberalised telecom market in the UAE.



Tawseel Retail Distribution Service

ET, 4 Sep 06

ET, 3 Sep 06

Monday, September 25, 2006

UAE Advertising related posts in other blogs

Web Technophile & Podcaster Saleh, an avid Communicate magazine reader, elicits a positive response from Communicate magazine when he critically analyses their website features:

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Newlook Fashion Store - Teaser

The Partnership, Dubai gives a unique branding look to New Look. The teaser ad ran for weeks before the launch ad:

7Days, 25 Sep 06

KT, 21 Sep 06

7Days, 10 Sep 06

Some interesting September print ads

Studio R

7Days, 24 Sep 06

Barclays Bank

7Days, 24 Sep 06

Sony Play Station - Godfather

KT, 21 Sep 06

Toyota Rav

KT, 18 Sep 06


Kt, 17 Sep 06

Bridgestone Tyres

KT, 10 Sep 06


7 Days, 10 Sep 06

Carrier Air Conditioners

GN, 9 Sep 06


Campaign ME, 4 Sep 06

The One

KT, 7 Sep 06

Home Centre

KT, 7 Sep 06

HSBC Bank - Business Banking campaign

KT, 28 Sep 06

7Days, 20 Sep 06

KT, 17 Sep 06

Bur Juman Campaign - Food meets Fashion

Since I landed in Dubai in 1998, have always noticed the Bur Juman print campaigns for their 'dream metaphor' like imagery. Brand Bur Juman has faithfully followed this theme all these years, I guess Team Y&R are responsible for these campaigns. Woke had a post on the Bur Juman logo.

7Days, 20 Sep 06

KT, 20 Sep 06

KT, 14 Sep 06

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Masafi Campaign

KT, 21 Sep 06

KT, 14 Sep 06

KT, 7 Sep 06

Dubai Industrial City - Print Campaign

KT, 20 Sep 06

KT, 14 Sep 06

KT, 10 Sep 06

KT, 4 Sep 06

Etisalat Weyak Portal Campaign

KT, 17 Sep 06

KT, 14 Sep 06

KT, 13 Sep 06

ABN AMRO Credit Card Promotion Campaign

KT, 13 Sep 06

KT, 10 Sep 06

L&M Cigarettes

KT, 12 Sep 06

7 Days, 10 Sep 06

Dubai Investments Campaign

KT, 12Sep06

ET, 4 Sep 06

Tatweer Campaign

KT, 13 Sep 06

KT, 11 Sep 06

Cream of Emaar Collection Campaign

ET, 10 Sep 06

KT, 9 Sep 06

Dubai Bone and Joint Clinic Campaign

When I was a rookie writer (early 1994), a visiting swashbuckling lady creative director from HTA (India) told me that a headline should contain a benefit and an intrigue. In 2002, I read about 'visual/headline twists' in Jim Aitchison's classic "Cutting Edge Advertising" and a good practice - 'if there is twist in the visual, keep the headline straight' and vice versa.

This campaign features a visual twist. You'll be hearing a lot more of twisting in my blog posts from now on!

KT, 11 Sep 06

KT, 9 Sep 06

KT, 4 Sep 06

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

UAE Advertising related posts in other blogs

1) Designer Woke has written excellent posts on the 'The Best Corporate Logos in Dubai' and 'Dubai's Worst Corporate Logos'.

2), a jordanian ad professional - Ibrahim Owais' blog, has posted all the classic Bafco Furniture ads executed by Cannes Gold winning Dubai agency, Tonic.

3) Woke writes about the City of Arabia double spread Gulf News ad on UAECommunity blog.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Cigarette Campaigns draw flak from a 7Days Reader

Recently, L&M and Emerald Royal cigarettes had splashed full page ad campaigns in 7Days, Khaleej Times and Gulf News etc. Direct advertising of cigarettes and liquor is banned in some countries (eg. India), so I was surprised to see these ads in the press here. But if you notice, the ads below don't potray the act of smoking. Is it deliberate?

L&M, 7Days, 10Sep06

Emerald GN, 9Sep06

Emerald KT, 7Sep06

The reader's comment and the Editor's response in 7Days -

7DAYS should stop printing tobacco ads

It seems that 7DAYS is having financial problems that make it necessary to promote smoking. What well done and creative Full Page Ads, each displaying and targeting different ages, the L&M targets the teenagers as being cool, to help make their life’s journey better. The Emerald Royal on the other hand appeals the rich and sophisticated.

Editor: We’ll stop printing tobacco ads when they are declared illegal. If we ban advertising just because a section of the community objects to the (legal) activity they advertise, where do we stop? launched! launched! launched!

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