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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Upside down - do readers frown?

David Ogilvy on Advertising" contains section with a lot of donts on the use of twisted and upside down elements in an ad. Ogilvy frowned upon anything that would require a reader to do any additional task in trying to comprehend an ad. The ones below for example feature upside down visuals. The topsy-turvy visuals in the Microsoft Flight Simulator ad goes well with the idea. But does the HSBC visual work?

7 Days, 19 Oct 06

KT, 1 Nov 06


Prometheus said...

Well, Prometheus thinks it works. An ad with no reason/reference to turn upside down is haram. But one with some concept, is nice.

Either Prometheus is good at reading upside down or his sense of good ad / bad ad is getting.. um.. emiratized.

UAECreatives said... are right...I have seen some ads printed upside down in the UAE with no rhyme or reason...some marketing guys think it works...they might get noticed, but I am not sure whether readers are going to take the time to turn their newspapers upside down.

And about being good at reading upside down, I met a strange character in Dubai, a real nowhere man (no passport and papers), walks with a limp, a brilliant twisted mind and can read any paper quickly upside down even from a distance. He used to freelance in a company where I used to work. It was dangerous to leave sensitive documents on your table with him around! launched! launched! launched!

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