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Friday, March 30, 2007

Mashreq Bank - Corporate Print Campaign

Mashreq Bank tries the testimonial approach to bag more corporate business:

Gulf News, 27 March 2007

IDAMA Property Management - Print Campaign

So what do you do when you have invested in properties in the UAE? You'll need a property management services and here is one and their corporate campaign.

Emirates Today, 27 March 2007

Emirates Today, 29 March 2007

Dubai Lagoons

Getting tired of all those 'run-of-the-mill' property and real estate advertisements riding the construction and real estate boom in the UAE? Here's a campaign from Dubai Lagoons that tries a more down-to-earth communication route and rationale.

7 Days, 1 Apr 07

7Days, 29 Mar 07

7Days, 27 Mar 07

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank - Credit Card Campaign

Credit Cards...these days you can't live with or without them! Here's ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank) trying to tempt us with giveaways!

7 Days, 29 March 2007

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Print Campaign - Tamweel YUSR - Adjustable Repayment Mortgage

Looks like Investment houses and Financial corps are the only ones publishing campaigns in the latter half of March. Below is Tamweel's YUSR campaign:

Print Ad - DHL Courier

DHL continues its comparison theme and branding in all its ads.

Virgin Atlantic celebrate 1st Birthday

Interesting visual pun!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Ides of March!

Snapped some interesting ads this week of March.

Lamcy Plaza, Emirates Today, 25/03/07, 7Days, 25/03/07

Bur Juman, 7Days, 25/03/07

HSBC Bank, Gulf News, 23/03/07

Air France, Gulf News, 25/03/07

Liberty Motors, Gulf News, 25/03/07

Jumeirah, Gulf News, 25/03/07 launched! launched! launched!

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